Concordance for From Killarney to New York, or, How Thade became a banker / by Sister Mary Francis Clare.

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1.   wer of soul and conscience had tri- The white-winged the Throne, and the umphed in th
2. ongue. since disappeared from the fair, green meadows. Tim O' Hallo- ran was not the
3. gh. His first look into Mick's fearless black eyes told him that was no treachery the
4. as it leaves me at present, barrin' the yellow faver, for which we're in quaranted, wh
5. , but the hoight ov the quality live in brown stone houses, an' they say they're illi
6. ey're illigant entirely ; but, faith, a brown mud round ground no landlord to pay ren
7. a poor boy out entirely. a nice bright orange-colored kerchief, that she'll look like
8. it's fine times they must have not the yellow faverthat country, and is, " P.S. —I
9. HAPTER WHERE AM But I I. GOING? this my black despair, when thou wert dying No breath
10. use to her, and no more, as one of the brown there stones of knew with which her hou
11. yet she were people who envied her this brown stone house appurtenances. all its cost
12. to her master, the an' if that desavin' black." Mrs. Blanders, as we have seen alread
13. n sparkled from those truly light clear blue eye. Celtic orbs; and one might feel ce
14. art, Nor gave deceit from out his clear blue eye. u See what Thade's brought, father

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Date created: October 16, 2010
Date updated: August 23, 2016