Concordance for From Killarney to New York, or, How Thade became a banker / by Sister Mary Francis Clare.

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1.   e. 7 Tim O'Halloran's Choice II. Father James 14 Chapter III. Chapter IV. Chapter V. 
2. DE BECAME A BANKER. 13 must die. Father James had been there, and said what words he
3. LLARNEY TO NEW YORK; CHAPTER II. FATHER JAMES. Who, in the winter's night, Soggarth a
4. ave conferred the last rites it. Father James had administered that morning, as of th
5. reward on the golden shore. But Father James had heard Tim's anxious prayer about hi
6. de was as dark as dark could be. Father James knew, too, that the " soupers " had the
7. f using strong language. " I saw Father James after mass this morning, and he told me
8. tale of suffering father, "Well, Father James, and — and neglect. have some breakfa
9. he proceeded this as a wiser to Father James' modest residence, cooler thoughts havi
10. he Blanders family. ready known. Father James could give no information beyond the fa
11. last night; he was met there by Father James, and was ordered by him to leave the ho
12. s he went down the street he met Father James, who was a man of few words. sir," repl
13. bservation was lost to futurity. Father James had just entered the room unannounced,
14. and Kitty. clear Mr. O'Grady and Father James rose simultaneously. It was Mick was up
15. Oh, you're not afraid, ov coorse," said James Murphy, " we all know that; but I don't

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