Concordance for Ethelred Preston, or, The adventures of a newcomer / By Francis J. Finn ...

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1.   eave the his lips, his features. At the red, command his room he turned very his co
2. d to see ever had, and in this makes me blue I him going down way. thing. still, am
3. pened ? like to hear how it hap- ETHEL RED « Indeed I PRESTON'. 27 would." " It's
4. y's mother had seen to allow her Ethel- red to be so closely shorn of his ambrosial
5. u are but fourteen, the arrangement may red." stand. Now come with me, Ethelred, wi
6. ht to win enthusiasm from any one ETHEL RED PRESTON. whose eyes were alive to the 5
7. l two stretches luxuriant lawn, 5 quite green despite midwinter, whither with permiss
8. he declaration of independ- ence with a blue lead pencil." " What did he do that 11
9. signed it for his health, and he used a blue pencil because he had been brought up t
10. tance. Do you understand " Yes." " ? At black. this answer Professor Petersol's face
11. the slightest sound disturbed If Ethel- red had but looked around and gazed upon th
12. were eying him un- interruptedly; some, red-faced and quivering, were struggling ma
13. od view of that organ, " Do you see any green in my eye ? " " Oh, if you don't care t
14. re, met with no misadventure. *04 ETHEL RED PRESTON. CHAPTER IX. W u WHICH ETHELRED
15. rubbed his arms. were destined to show blue marks for in consequence of the squeeze
16. ecided to allow you a private 108 ETHEL RED PRESTON'. sleeping-room for this night.
17. ed into his armchair, he waited for the blue flame to burn away. And while he was th
18. d recovering one of his just I'll " You red, shoes, " and can't play stave in your
19. n that bed," explained Lunatic! you old red-head," retorted Ethel- red; " I've got
20. tic! you old red-head," retorted Ethel- red; " I've got more sense than your whole
21. imed one of the young gentleit's men in white, " mamma's darling." At this all the Et
22. " At this all the Ethelred Preston, his white-robed ones broke into a it laugh, so he
23. eople don't take me in," said Ethelthis red. " Get out of room. I wasn't born yeste
24. beds, boys," said Father Howard to the white-robed array. They disappeared promptly,
25. ever read about in books." " They're a red. lot of hypocrites," objected Ethel- "
26. t a fool can see that," answered Ethel- red. " I thought you were an Episcopalian:
27. Clear and distinct his passion from the black background of shone the kind eyes which
28. h such sympathy; clear his and from the black background of teacher's thin, delicate
29. st, and mysterious beneath. looked very black regretted that he He had determined to
30. rl, do you know anything about Ethel" ? red Preston " Yes, sir." " Where is he?" M
31. didn't think, sir, that I run away. got red-hot when the old I —when I my mother
32. e matter; simply had helped. I'm on the black-list anyhow other." just at present, an
33. AND EARL MORE HEROIC. T^DDIE DEVEREUX, red's notwithstanding his doubts concerning
34. thought to make them known a to him. " red, I say," he said, seating himself besid
35. at's because you're complacently, 44 so green," said Peter and not one whit abashed.
36. , and besides he's so old. his His long white hair and pleasant voice give in kind fa
37. ors put their heads together; and ETHEL RED PRESTON. when they had come In a as jol
38. charge had ever been lodged against the gray- headed, cheerful old Father; he was to
39. him. The whole lot of them is precious green, and I intend to make a nuther doller o
40. r." "And my life," that will be another red-letter said Earl. in "Yes; I like the p
41. getting away. Other fellows saw Ethel- red steal out into Mapletree road back of t
42. e way. stirred ; 203 throwing a ghastly white light upon the middle There was no wind
43. lump of trees and the under- *©4 ETHEL RED P'RES TOW. Pushing through the weeds, a
44. s eyes they seemed to be faces, giants. Black masks were on their covered their heads
45. le, I "we've done a great night's work. red was going to run knew that Ethel- away
46. gularly pretty boy, with very fair dark blue eyes, and regular features. In he was a
47. ce the smallness of his feet, and sober black silk ribbons, tied in a bow-knot, bound
48. a and to slight it, lump in Ethellittle red's throat; relieve he gave a hem. " Have
49. wo then fell to comparing notes. Ethel- red told Packy about his mother, his home,
50. hrew the light upon his and noticed how white the extremities had become, he exclaime
52. tiff Clarke Im. HER LITTLE WAY. covers, red edges, $1.35. Prayer-Book Im. sance. by
53. ion FOR THE SICK ROOM. < leather, limp, red edges, $1.50; goid edges, $2.00. Real l
54. EATH. Krebs. net, $0.85. round corners, red edges, $1.75; van. net, $2.50. $0.60. I
55. ok for Children. By Rev. F. X. Lasance. Black or white, cloth, square corners, white
56. ildren. By Rev. F. X. Lasance. Black or white, cloth, square corners, white edges, re
57. Black or white, cloth, square corners, white edges, retail, $0.35. Imit. leather, bl
58. te edges, retail, $0.35. Imit. leather, black or white, seal grain, gold edges, retai
59. retail, $0.35. Imit. leather, black or white, seal grain, gold edges, retail, $0.70.
60. ld side and edges, retail, Same, $1.25. white leather, retail, $1.50. Celluloid, reta
61. 1.50. ImiLasance. tation leather, limp, red edges. $1.75. EUCHARIST. TIANS. OF THE
62. N THE MASS. Lasance. Im. leather, limp, red net, $1.75. Goodness. Reflections, Coun
63. Imitation leather, limp, round corners, red edges, $1.50; gold edges, $2.00. Real l
64. sance. Seal grain cloth, stiff corners, red square covers, Imitation leather, edges
65. n leather, edges, $1.75. round corners, red edges, $2.00. Imitation leather, round
66. 0.35. FOR RELI Lasance. 16mo. Imi limp, red edges, Complete Missal Every Day in the
67. k by Father Lasance. limp, Im. leather, red edges, $2.00. Year. New 1924 Edition. W
68. SAINT THERESE OF THE Im, leather, limp, red edges. CHILD JESUS. Coleman, net, $1.75
69. ATIONS FOR cloth, net, $0.60; Am. seal, red EVERY DAY. Lasausse. net, edges, net, $
70. Imitation leather, limp, round corners, red edges, $1.85. Morocco Grain, Imitation
71. side, gold edges, $3.0$. Rutland, limp, red under gold edges, $3.75. Turkey Morocco
72. $3.75. Turkey Morocco, limp, gold roll, red under gold edges, $4.75. Leather, gold
73. TABERNACLE. leather, Lasance. Im limp, red edges. THINGS IMMORTAL, THE. SACRAMENT.
74. mp, leather, Very RELIIm. net, Lasance. red edges, THY $2 50 SERIES 'KINGDOM I. COM
75. KINGDOM III. COME. YEARNING S.J. limp, red edges, $2.00. FOR GOD. $1.50. Wil> La^
76. r cloth, by edges, grain leather, limp, red edges, $1.50v TRUE SPOUSE OF CHRIST. go
77. $0.85. YOUR OWN HEART, GareschS $0.30. red $1.35. Im, VIGIL HOUR, THE. Ryan, Paper
78. , Vatican Brothers' Authorized Edition. Black or Red Amer. morocco, gold edges, net,
79. Brothers' Authorized Edition. Black or Red Amer. morocco, gold edges, net, $15.00;
80. Amer. morocco, gold edges, net, $15.00; Red Amer. morocco, gold stamping and edges,
81. , gold stamping and edges, net, $17.50. Red finest quality morocco, red under gold
82. et, $17.50. Red finest quality morocco, red under gold edges, net, $22.00. $10.00.
83. plans of Rome in colors. 854x12 inches. Red im. leather, gold side, net, $12.00. IT
87. ACE. NETS. Harrison, net, $0.85. BY THE BLUE RIVER. Clarke, net, $1.50. LADY TRENT'S
88. rackel. net, $0.85. Clarke, net, $2.00. Gray, net, $0.85. son. net, $0.85. 12 MARCEL
89. e, net, SECRET VASE. SELMA. OF THE net, GREEN NO HANDICAP. Taggart. $2.00. NOT A JUDG
90. rke. net, $1.65. TURN OF THE TIDE, THE. Gray, PAT. Hinkson. net, $0.85. net, $0.85.
91. net, $2.©0. S.J. TEMPEST OF THE HEART. Gray, net, $0.85. TEST OF COURAGE. Ross. $0.

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