Concordance for The canary bird / from the German of Christopher von Schmid.

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1.   before with dark flashing eyes, tangled black his forehead, hair hanging dishevelled 
2. as THE CANARY-BIRD. death, and her eyes red with weeping, by the sick bed, unable t
3. ied, at a fearful depth below, a narrow green valley. foot of a 26 On the right of th
4. , as though it were covered with glossy gray roof, left silk, the window, and spire,
5. ow, though everything in the Ysllej was green and blooming. valley with his The guide
6. or the strange lady, he appeared in his gray Sunday with his scarlet neck-cloth, and
7. t neck-cloth, and fine jacket, wore his green hat, from whicli a feather !" waving co
8. a shelter under my His wife, a fine old gray-headed, but rosy-cheeked dame, stood at
9. the kitchen, she rubbed her hand in her white apron, before she offered it to the lad
10. bench, two. deal chairs, and a shining green earthenware stove, which supplied the p
11. took the greatest delight in the little yellow bird, with eyes. its bright, black it l
12. tle yellow bird, with eyes. its bright, black it little In a short time fly became ta
13. in forest of Swabia, from the number of black and are found there, is gloomy pines wh
14. here, is gloomy pines which 'called the Black Forest. THE CANARY-BIRD. CHAPTEK V. THE
15. nest peasant in the neighborhood of the Black Forest, and to their him they made for
16. tood her favorite flower, a magnificent red and blue stock gilly-flower ; and a lit
17. favorite flower, a magnificent red and blue stock gilly-flower ; and a little canar
18. and a little canary-bird, of the purest yellow, with a splendid crest, just such as sh
19. orated with flowers, and a flask of the red wme of their own native land, Alsace. S
20. e in and to bring back their horse, the brown, which he had lent to the innmeanwhile,
21. was reading aloud. As saw her faithful white-headed servant enter the room, she scre
22. est season, never left it day without a green an apple. ter days, leaf or a fresh sli
23. ogether in their look- ing out upon the white earth, and the wild snow-powdered sing

Author: Eric Lease Morgan <>
Date created: October 16, 2010
Date updated: August 23, 2016