Concordance for An adventure with the Apaches / by Gabriel Ferry [pseud.]

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1.   now and then shows eyes its two and its black muzzle in the space between the trees? 
2. a pack of famished wolves, some of them white, after but the majority black, galloped
3. e of them white, after but the majority black, galloped like bullets ricochetting him
4. ed to recognize him with a shudder as a white man. a Christian like themselves. 28 Pu
5. rcle whose center was occu- pied by the white horseman. For a moment he was seen to c
6. our rifles should lay out one of those red devils, you would presently see a hundr
7. final reasoning. fleeing Meanwhile the white horseman was like a man who has no reso
8. ed the capture and of the un- fortunate white horseman, there was a mothe ment of pro
9. ing what sort of torture will upon him. white They prefer the capture to that of a of
10. olor to be and whose darker his and the black plumes of head- dress distinguished rio
11. nguage half Indian, half Spanish: " The white warriors of the North may show themselv
12. riors of the North may show themselves; Black Bird is their friend." At these words,
13. e sole reply which the Indian obtained. Black Bird spoke again: Discovered! 37 " The
14. w behind him; crosses the deserts but a white is man who neither an eagle nor a salmo
15. s not calculated to reach his ear. "The white warriors of the North," redis- sumed Bl
16. te warriors of the North," redis- sumed Black Bird, without becoming couraged, " are
17. " only three against twenty, to and the red warriors pledge their word treat them a
18. yet, or I am much " mistaken." When the white warriors understand the intentions of B
19. e warriors understand the intentions of Black Bird they will come out of their hiding
20. " and they are going to learn them the white men of the North are the enemies ; of t
21. the South, will and the Indians and the white men dance around the corpses of their e
22. easier to follow than the trace of the white man. indicates to The trace of the buff
23. for the answer of the whites," went on Black Bird, tened. I and he lis- hear nothing
24. at the reeds are impervious to bullets. Black Bird and to his warriors laugh at what
25. amigo reconciliado."* At the same time Black Bird signed the captive to approach him
26. let. of osier on the rifle " The of the white face," — this was not an allusion to
27. stomary designation of the color of the white man's skin, —" can it send a bullet i
28. nd he remained and trembling. Thereupon Black Bird said a few words to one of his war
29. arriors, who placed in the hands of the white man the rifle they had seized, priso- a
30. il to- not a word will say morrow." The white fired, and, in fact, the bullet rifle f
31. hes away from the 44 Discovered! islet. Black Bird made a scornful gesture, side. the
32. once more advanced to the river bank. " Black Bird's hands do not tremble like a reed
33. le chance." Without disturbing a single green fringe islet, osier of the vi-hich they
34. nd silence reigned far and near. fired, Black Bird and fragments of lus arrowheads fl
35. iil- whistled by them at some distance. Black Bird allowed a minute to elapse, then s
36. s He will go and look elsewhere for the white warriors." " Tell that to the marines/'
37. ill not take long, for the torture of a white man is a sight which an Indian is alway
38. my child ; let us first see what those red devils are going to do with their priso
39. e within two gunshots of the shore. The white man was some distance in front of this
40. ce or toma- hawk agile, in hand. If the white man's legs are first, he will reach the
41. profound compassion at the unfortunate white man, who, with hag- Running the Gauntle
42. for this moment with deep anxiety, when Black Bird suddenly made fer for a sign to de
43. va leather which protected those of the white. The them latter sat off, down on the s
44. scene about to be enacted. At last the white man was erect for the second time, and
45. in front, devoured their eyes. him with Black Bird clapped his hands. The yells which
46. he sand. For an instant about pick- the white man seemed to hesitate ing up the lance
47. s, contracted in death, the hair of the white warrior. At up this terrible sight the
48. e uncertain glimtwilight. mering of The green dark tones ters, ; of the trees took on
49. hey have a trifle too much contempt for white men, 72 The Stratagem. two of whom coul
50. t giving the two hunters a glimpse of a red body writhing behind the leaves, and th
51. watching him '' attentively. If I had a white soldier in front of me," I said side Ee
52. f the forks of the aspen where he saw a red tint which, to any other of eye, would
53. Indian. hoisted himself from branch The red warrior to branch with extreme precauti
54. to send over here prevents me." "It is Black Bird," returned Redwood; "he is brave a
55. nd contented himself with " Scoundrelly Black Bird, account before long." I'll settle
56. and moon shone above without life. the red warriors giving any sign of " Our scalp
57. agem. 85 began to grow deeper. This was Black Bird, and the last of his band had but
58. pe, who had a score to settle with him, Black Bird^ whether foreboding some danger or
59. ined undecided and as motionless as the black rocks of the river, half washed by the
60. hed by the shining waters. " Do not the red warriors know how to scalp anything but
61. ifle, Fabian, for God's sake There let- Black Bird pretending to be dead and ting him
62. iver? make no mistake in supposing that Black Bird sent the two who are ab- sent in s
63. was slumbering underneath her canopy of white vapors when the defenders of the islet
64. these melancholy reflections. "Let the white the voice. men open their ears," said "
65. ears," said "It is that scoundrel of a Black Bird," said Pepe, chief who recognized
66. he: "The whites laugh at the threats of Black Bird and despise his promises." " That
67. y. prevailed ; then was broken by his " Black Bird wished the Xortliern white to ask
68. y his " Black Bird wished the Xortliern white to ask for life, and instead he asks fo
69. ill more insulting than that of joining Black Bird against the Mexicans. The Indian 1
70. necessary, to seize the outcast of the white race." Then, after these terrible threa
71. words, he took to gestures, and made at Black Bird the most insulting one that he cou
72. ce of wood cautiously and presently the black mass was floating gently in the current
73. doning " What does it matter ?" resumed Red" Is the life of wood, with some hesitat
74. ians on both banks of the river threw a red light on the waters, M^hich illuminated
75. that, growing weary of a long blockade, Black Bird would permit his warriors to respo
76. egan to be heard, and under a canopy of black smoke, which rose shone a in air and mi
77. caught from time time a glimpse of the red profile of an Indian sentinel. Pepe cou
78. le barrel of the angry Spaniard gleamed red through the rushes, and they saw the In
79. med him that he caught indistinctly the white and fantastic shapes assumed like by tr
80. er. " We are deviating from our course, Red- wood," said Pepe, in a low tone; "thos
81. safe. will " Day soon break now/' said Red- wood; "we must we land on one side or
82. ing a great deal." like. land where you Red- wood," responded Pepe; "then from ther
83. the Canadian rever- ently uncovered his gray head and cordially extended his hand to
84. 151 east. whiten the horizon toward the gray tint succeeded the obscurity. A Happily

Author: Eric Lease Morgan <>
Date created: October 16, 2010
Date updated: August 23, 2016